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Our hope, through our sponsorship program, is to make life-long friendships between our sponsors and their sponsored children.  Sponsors have the opportunity to support with either $30, $60, or $90 a month, which provides the children with everything they need to grow and live life to the fullest.  Through writing letters, we hope that the friendships will grow between sponsors and children,  and that maybe one day there will be an opportunity to meet as well.  To sponsor a child, click here: SPONSORSHIP.


Where would these children be if they weren't at Rafiki?

Each child at Rafiki was rescued from a life-threatening situation.  It's possible if they were not at Rafiki that they would be fighting for their lives. We thank God for Rafiki and we thank God for you!

Sponsor a Child

Volunteer at Rafiki

Are you interested in taking a trip to Rafiki and volunteering?  There are opportunites to travel to Ghana and to visit Rafiki; however, our trips are only taken if there is a specific need.  Because Rafiki is a home, and we are guests in their home, we want to best protect them.  However, there are needs and if we can help partern in fullfilling some of those needs then we go.  


To learn more, please email Katie:


Volunteer Application Packet for MSU Wesley Foundation Students.   

Share our story

We love stories!  And we love the story that God is writing at Rafiki.  If you'd like to help us tell the story, here are some ways to do that:


-Follow us and RT us on social media.


-Buy music!  Katie Heckel has released 2 cd projects (you can find them on iTunes or Noise Trade) and is about to release her 3rd album, which she partnered with Jenny&Tyler to make.  It's called From the Ashes and it will be released soon. All music goes directly to supporting Rafiki.


-Host a house concert in your living room.  Katie would love to come share stories about Ghana and Rafik through songs and story-telling.  Just invite some friends and take up a donation for Rafiki.  It's that easy.  If you're interesting in hosting, contact Katie:


-Order picture prints from Danny at

Visit us on Etsy!

The Rafiki kids love to paint!  Help support them by purchasing a print, cards, or a canvas of one of their drawings!  Coming soon...

See more of their prints here!


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