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RafikiFriends aims to meet the needs of orphan care by modeling the self-giving friendship of Jesus.  We do this through child sponsorship, annual fundraising, special building projects, and group visits. 


"Pure and genuine religion is this: to look after orphans and widows who are in distress and to not let oneself become polluted by this world."  James 1:27


Rafiki is a Swahili word that translates to English as "friend."  That is what we seek to do: to befriend orphans in the name of Jesus.  RafikiFriends partners with the Rafiki Village in Ghana, Africa, by modeling the self-giving friendship that the Lord Jesus has offered us.  We are no longer mere servants but friends of the King because He has given of Himself to break the bearers of enmity with God.  In taking the Lord's friendship, we respond to His offer of "if you do what I command you are my friends."  He has most certainly commanded us care for the orphan and child in need.


The Rafiki Village rescues children from life-threatening situations, and raises them with a hope that one day they will become not just leaders of Ghana, but leaders of Christ.  As of 2014, Rafiki has 34 children living in the village.  Rafiki supports a staff of 28 people who are committed to looking after these children and raising them up in faith and love.  The Rafiki Village is supported partly by the Methodist Church of Ghana, but relies mostly on donations from friends, churches, and partnerships to meet their daily/monthly needs.  


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